What’s Next


I am looking forward to doing talks about The Bridge to Victory in bookstores and for various organizations that would like to have me come and speak to them. A more comprehensive photo collection is being created for those appearances that I think will be of interest to those who attend. If any organization is interested in having me speak, I can be reached at the contact information that is given on this website.


I have begun research on my next two books, both of which I am excited about. The first project is about the impact that the passage of Title IX has had on the progress that women have made in the world of sports, from high school to the pros. This is a fascinating subject and there are lots of opinions on the matter. There are two hot topics regarding this issue. The first is that there is no mechanism to guarantee that women are being treated equally to men on any level. As a result, although a great deal of progress has been made on the behalf of the female population, there are still areas in need of improvement. One of the greatest inequities has to do with do womens’ salaries compared to those of men in both the pros and college coaching. The second subject that is a source of debate is where the transgender population best fits with regards to competition. The opinions on this matter range from allowing the athlete to compete with the gender he or she identifies to having leagues developed for strictly transgender athletes. This topic evokes a range of emotional responses and definitely needs more discussion. I am currently in the process of interviewing women who were “pioneers” in womens’ athletics 50 years ago when Title IX became law. Their stories range from heartbreaking to inspiring.


The other project on which I am embarking is a book on the first football game ever played. It occurred in 1869 on the campus of Rutgers University. Rutgers took on Princeton University in that match. Since I grew up on “the banks of the old Raritan,” and love Rutgers football, I have always wanted to investigate the evolution of the game. What distinguishes this particular game from soccer and rugby? Who played in the game? What happened to the players post graduation? How quickly did the rule of the game change to make it more like the football that we know and love today?